Slowly im getting tired of big ammount of whats app messages going to nowhere ( more likely from people who want to chat or get some pictures only ) and emails like '' i want to fuck for 2 hours bring your girlfriend''.

I’m often contacted by potential clients who seem to be a bit perplexed by my screening practices. I know that they may seem odd to some, but  this is a necessary process. I've heard a lot how guys scared to meet with girs as there is often fake pictures or not pleasant behaviour. But from my side im also dont want to meed with agressive or rude person, thief or a rapist.

So here is some tips how to get a good service and how to choose legit provider and also how to made it to the white list of customers :

- always choose independent providers that have personal website or they listed under any big famous legit agency that have website with membership. if its only listing on any escort directory then more likey its a fake.

- ask for selfies or videos from the city where girl is listed.

-ask for whitelist reviews from other customers ( TER, P411 )

i guess to screen legit provider is easier than a customer. So here is a few screnning options that i accep :

  • -2 provider references (links to her ad or site, and email), OR
  • contact me through LinkedIn ( just send word “confirm” on my inbox there )
  • -Employment Verification: contact me through LinkedIn OR  Send your business card where I can see your phone number or email that you use for booking. OR contact me through your company email address.
  • -If you’re on TER, you may contact me through my TER ( ID 274711 )
  • social media account with information about u and who are you 

Most clients who are sincerely interested in

meeting with me understand that, by employing these methods, I am both ensuring my safety and prioritizing discretion, and they are therefore happy to supply this information.

 Sometimes im getting messages saying "GOOGLE MY NAME FOR SCREENING". Unfortunately thts not an option unless u mail me from your work emal or provide your office phone number. So I can call that number and ask to speak to you, and all you have to say is “Yes Ginger, it’s me,” and I’ll know I’ve been emailing back and forth with the right guy. However, if you only supply me with a phone number for a prepaid phone, or a number that, when Googled, is not attached to your name or business, that doesn’t really help me.

i also can text you and say "Hey, im  Paris Hilton" but how many chances that its actually real ?=)

And if neither of those methods works for you, you can also provide references (names and contact info or websites) from two established professional companions/providers/escorts you’ve met with in the past. I’ll contact them to make sure you’re safe and a gentleman. When they respond positively, I’ll get back to you and we can set up an appointment.

WHITELIST ( TER ) is an website where you can search legit providers and also became a whitelist customer. if you are a member you can contact me through TER to confirm that you are legit person. is a site where clients network with providers. Basically, providers vouch for clients.

This is how it works: A provider meets with a client, and then she reports back to the site regarding whether the client is safe to meet with or not. If she feels that he was a gentleman, she will indicate that. This is called an “Okay.” If she felt that her safety was jeopardized by meeting with him, she will report him. The next time he decides to meet with a provider, she can check the “Okays” he has been given, and then contact those providers for further details. Using this system, providers can quickly and easily vet potential clients based on how other providers felt after sessions with him.

im not a member of P411 yet as i work mostly in asia and europe and dont have that much american customers ( where p411 is popular ) but i would love to join soon <3