xbumblebeex (15.10.2018)
As a regular of Ginger, I can surely say that she is one of the most exquisite women I\'ve ever had the honor of knowing. Even though we\'ve met on multiple occasions, I\'m always thinking of the opportunity of getting to see her again.
Whether it\'s meeting Ginger in private or just a regular day out, it\'s always a delight to be with her.
As if seeing Ginger alone wasn\'t enough, I\'ve also had the pleasure of a \"ménage à trois\" with Ginger and a friend. A saying states that “two’s company and three’s a crowd.” But for Ginger, three is just right.
Ginger is a fiery spirit that will rekindle your fantasies. She is an alluring soul that will always make you want more.
Thank you for the incredible times, and here\'s to seeing you more in the future.
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Walker (26.07.2018)
A Normal man would have had a woman of their dreams; someone we imagined as teenagers and ultimately forgotten all but the remnants and fragments of the most basal and sordid of fantasies; those bits probably got stuck in our psyche without us releasing that it was there all along. However, we do remember that A.) She was stunning and B.) she gave us a certain kind of feeling that we craved for and have always craved for.
Ginger is that woman personified.
For those that have not had the Ginger experience, there are reviews you can read - but do take note - non of these would be relevant when next see her.
Thank you for the experiences thus far and looking forward to many more in the future.
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Coffeeman (07.07.2018)
I had a 4 hour session with American Hannah and Inked Ginger in Dubai. It was my first time to book someone for such a long session and my first time to have a threesome.
It was everything I’d hoped for and more
We spent the first couple of hours having a few drinks and getting to know each other. I had already met Hannah a few times but it was great to get to know Ginger before we started. What really worked well is that Hannah and Ginger immediately hit it off - without that the whole thing would have been a disaster.
We then spent a couple of hours doing everything i had imagined we might do.
It all just worked really really well which i think was due to the girls being both fully and genuinely bi, and i think because they were keen to make it a special time for me. I really wish I could afford to do it all the time!
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It was such an awesome day and I’m happy to meet you both 💝 hope it’s not our last meeting 😊😊😊
Bruno (16.06.2018)
The most warm and caring person that I’ve met so far in this industry. She is very real and that’s what I love about her. I’m definitely gonna be regular as it’s not enough to meet Ginger just once. Thank you for being you!!!! Flawless!!!!
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Damien (16.06.2018)
I’ve met Ginger twice already. First time we meet for 2 hours in Amsterdam few months ago. She is very friendly and a girlfriend type. And recently I invited her to come to visit me in Rotterdam for 24 hours to enjoy full girlfriend experience. Should say she is very down to earth and don’t have diva attitude. We had lots of fun going out and private. Looking forward to meet again soon
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Boyaya (16.04.2018)
Had a 3 hour session in Dubai with Ginger and I have to say you won\'t find a better experience anywhere else.
she was funny, smart and beautiful. Her attitude and wide range of topics we talked about put me at ease and made the time we spent very enjoyable. Not to mention her full lips and sexual energy made me feel like i was in heaven.
I will definitely be seeing her again soon
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My pleasure always :)
Sid (01.04.2018)
i met Ginger in dubai about 2 weeks ago, and are there words to describe perfection? she was welcoming, sweet, and just and overall lovely person that i can\'t wait to see again.
Sorry for the late review!
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Fredy M (24.03.2018)
Gorgeous, smart, sexy, intelligent, fun ... she is the perfect girlfriend, the one you always wanted !
Definitely worth to spend time with her :)
Thx for that night, feeled like the luckiest man within your arms !
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my pleasure
Chevy (19.03.2018)
What can I say? Ginger is a one-of-a-kind, vivacious, intelligent, dead sexy bombshell of a woman! I spent 2 glorious hours with her and she literally blew me away. She\'s so cool and funny; she instantly made me feel like we were two old lovers. I can\'t recommend Ginger highly enough. I\'m hooked!
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yes two old lovers is best explanation for our date haha =) i feel very comfortable around u like we knew each other many years =) thank you for your kind words
Gerhard (19.03.2018)
I\'ve met Ginger few days ago in Paris. we met for 4 hours. first we had a dinner and later on moved to my place. fantastic experience and def best company so far.
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would love to do it again =)
Paolo (07.03.2018)
I’ve met Ginger twice. First time I met her in Kuala Lumpur for two hours only. She is very friendly and warm. Perfect for girlfriend experience , love to cuddle and great kisser. 2 hours definitely wasn’t enough so I promised her that we will meet again and we did :)
Second time I’ve met her just a few weeks ago. She was in Amsterdam and I fly her over to Milano for 2 days. That weekend I’m going to remember for long
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Crazy Irish (06.12.2015)
First I was like \"No way. Those photos are not you.\" unlike many I was happy to be proven wrong. Alyssa is warm, giving, cheeky, naughty, funny and her body is a wonderland. And a work od art. Always look forward to rock and roll with her.
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Lucas (05.12.2015)
very recommended!!!!
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Adrian (24.11.2015)
I met Ginger in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Im going to remember her for long. she is a great companion. speak good english, with good sence of humor and got Brain as well. she can keep any kind of conversation and i didnt feel bored even for 1 sec. i hope some day i will meet ger again somewhere
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we both well travelled so im sure we will meet again =)
Richard (29.03.2015)
Unique and special. Quite the best experience I have ever had. Ginger is sexy, intelligent, fun, kind, considerate and altogether delightful. She\'s clear about she wants and always does what she promises. She never hustles for a bit of extra material reward; she\'s far too dignified for that. She\'s fantastic in private and she\'s a great companion. She gave me the time of my life and totally transformed my boring business trip to real vacation.
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Tom_35 (29.03.2015)
I met Ginger in Seoul. She is genuine and very accommodating. She is not local girl here but know great places to go. Her English is good and she look VERY sexy.
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AaronM (29.03.2015)
Great! Ginger responded quickly to e-mail. She requested personal details, perhaps to screen for her safety.Good companionship and absolutely great services. Educated and speaks good English. Very respectful and fun to spend time with. Will certainly go back.
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